Be The Best You Can Be!


Be the Best you can Be!


Through this programme, our school inspires, engages and empowers our young people to “Be the Best they can Be!” We aim to develop children’s understanding about what they need to do in order to achieve their personal goals, as well as supporting them to recognise their dreams and aspirations. Adults and peers support children by challenging and encouraging them to take ownership of their next steps to make a positive difference in their own lives.


Ian Rose, medal winning paralympian, launched the 21st Century programme in our school. Pupils had the opportunity to learn and question Ian about how he overcame adversity to win his Olympic medals. He truly is an inspiration who has inspired our pupils to never give up.

ian Rose


During Business week, pupils had the opportunity to learn about different professions that they too could aspire to. These included presentations and workshops from the house builders Taylor Wimpey, Bianca Williams the athlete from North London and our local MP Kate Osamor. The week really highlighted to pupils the importance of resilience, believing in yourself, aspiring to achieve your goals no matter where you come from, holding dear to your values and celebrating your successes. All of which are central to the Be the Best You can Be programme.

taylor wimpey

Past pupils from LAS came back to share their experiences of secondary school with our key stage 2 pupils. The secondary pupils recounted their journey, how their talents had been harnessed by the school and encouraged all pupils to be the best that they could be.