Our Curriculum


At Latymer All Saints we take a cross-curricular approach to learning. Where learning in different subjects is linked, it will have more meaning for the children and this improves learning.

Each subject is linked as far as possible to the text which is central to the Literacy curriculum for each half term. For example, in Year 6 when Literacy is based on the story, Street Child, the children also study Victorian England (History), the setting for the story; in Geography they will look at the River Thames as a route through London, and the changes in the role of the river to Londoners; in PSHE they will study lifestyles and health issues, empathising with Victorians.

The teaching of Phonics

At Latymer All Saints we teach the children letter sounds (phonics) through the Ruth Miskin Literacy programme.

This is introduced in Nursery, alongside letter sound games, and continues through Reception and into Key Stage 1. The children work at their own pace, moving up the levels as they master the sounds and blends. Children with learning difficulties continue with the scheme into Key Stage 2 where necessary.

The teaching of Reading

Children are immersed in reading opportunities from Nursery throughout the school. In early years, stories are read to the class, and shared in small groups. Children will take home books from a variety of reading schemes to read with parents. These will be graded books, at a suitable reading level for the child, and/or library books chosen by the child for interest. Children may need adult support to read these, but all experiences will contribute to the enjoyment and engagement we want our children to gain from reading. If they are interested in the subject matter or the story they will want to keep reading and developing their skills.

We have introduced to Year 1 the Daily Supported Reading Programme (DSR) to support children in becoming more fluent readers. Each child will read daily in a small group with an adult trained to deliver the programme. This programme will be extended to other year groups where we feel it will benefit the children.