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Year 5 French trip blog.

On Tuesday 24.4.18 a group of very excited staff and Year 5 children set off on their journey to France.

Please click on the link below to open the blog and see what they have been up to!

French blog 2018




Great fire of Latymer – Year 2 History Topic – Great Fire of London

To view our story click on the link below.

The Great Fire of Latymer

Latymer all Saints Staff trip to Perpignan. Click on the link below to follow the blog.

Perpignan Blog


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June 2017

On Monday 26th June a very excited group of year 2 children will set off on their school journey! You can see what they got up to on their blog, by clicking the link below.

Year 2 LAS Lincolnsfields blog

May 2017

Our choir performance at St Paul’s Cathedral

Our choir has been invited to perform at St. Pauls Cathedral on Friday 26th May. Click the link below to hear their beautiful singing.

Year 5 school journey to Paris

On 23rd May 2017 the Year 5 children embarked on their school journey to France. You can follow the Year 5 French trip blog here:

Year 5 French Trip

Year 6 school journey to Grosvenor Hall in Kent

On 15th May 2017 the Year 6 children embarked on their school journey to Grosvenor Hall in Ashford, Kent. Take a look at all of the exciting activities they got up to in a fun-packed week!

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April 2017

On 24th April some representatives of Thames water came into school to do assemblies and to work with Year 4 children. We learned about ways in which we can save water around the home. Did you know, for example, by not leaving the tap running as you brush your teeth you could save up to 24litres of water?

March 2017

Easter Movie night

On Tuesday 28th March children settled down  after school with snacks and drinks to watch the Easter movie “Hop!”. What a great way to start the Easter break!

Red Nose Day

On Friday 24th March we all donned our red clothes and got involved in fun activities, including a dance-a-thon to raise money for Comic Relief!

Craft Night

On Tuesday 21st March, Miss Bacchus led a brilliant craft night for children. They created a range of Easter and mothers day themed items and had a fantastic creative time! Many thanks to all of the staff who volunteered to come and help- events like these are not possible without them!

World Book Day

On 2nd March we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as fairy tale characters. The school was filled with all sorts of wonderful characters including princes, princesses, fairies, witches and woodcutters. We enjoyed a wide range of reading themed activities throughout the day.

CEOP workshop for parents

On Friday 10th March, Mr Shah, our ICT network manager, ran a parents workshop about keeping children safe online. He covered a vast range of areas and parents commented that they felt more informed about the dangers faced by children using the internet on a wide range of devices. Information from this day can be found on this website on the “Internet safety” page under the “Parents” tab. This page also contains a wide range of information about ICT and the internet and even an opportunity to download free antivirus software! Its well worth a look.

February 2017

Roman Day

On Friday 10th February the year 3 children ended their topic on the Romans with an exciting Roman day! They dressed as Romans, played Roman games and enjoyed Roman themes activities all day.

January 2017

st Pauls We were invited to the Cathedral for a service to celebrate church schools, and took representatives of the governors, staff and pupils. It was lovely service and the children were amazed by the size and beauty of the Cathedral.

December 2016

christmasMany thanks to everyone who donated items, bought raffle tickets, donated time and came along to support our Christmas Fayre. Everyone had lots of fun whilst raising funds for our children. movieChristmas movie nights were a huge success! Children thoroughly enjoyed watching Christmas movies and eating snacks with their friends- what better way to get into the festive spirit?

November 2016

anti bullying week

The week beginning 14th November was anti-bullying week at LAS. Our learning mentors ran workshops about bullying and explained what to do if we are being bullied.

fireworks On the 4th of November we enjoyed our annual Fireworks Event which was great fun. Many thanks to the Friends of LAS for organising this event.

October 2016

Shakespeare On Monday 17th  and Tuesday 18th October the year 6 children took part in Shakespeare workshops. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and got to show their considerable acting talent!   On Friday 7th October we all enjoyed art day! We tried out various different art activities and produced some great work for our International exhibition on 20th October. Why not pop along and see it? art day 1    art day 2 art day 3   art day 9 art day 4  art day 5 art day 6  art day 7 art day 8  art day 10