Student Council

What does it mean to be a part of the Student Council?

  • You care about the school
  • You want to make school better
  • You want to give back to your community and those in need
  • You are a leader
  • You want to help out
  • You want to be involved


Our Goals

  • To represent¬† you the pupils.
  • To help the school to enhance school spirit.
  • To focus on pupil issues and to come up with solutions.
  • To collect information about student concerns and needs (Class boxes).
  • To work as a team


The student council in class

  • In each class you have two students that you can go to if there is a problem (it can be worries or suggestions).
  • In your class there is a box for you to anonymously put your worries/suggestions.
  • Student Council will then discuss the items in the boxes and think of solutions.


Student council members 2016-2017

Ava- Mai Akinsanya-2Y

Mikael Thomas-2Y

Blessing Matadi-2B

Ondine Watt-2B

Rahneque Johnson-Ballyntine-2R

Val Fosuhene-2R

Joy Simo-3Y

Tyesn Rattray-3Y

Kevin Nzaw-3B

Maabena Nontwiri Ofosuapea-3B

Alamin Chowdhury-3R

Sabrina Jackson-3R

Joyce Nzonza-4Y

Cem Gozukara-4Y

Jennifer Boyaka-4B

Christian Risch-4B

Leah Rossi-4R

George Quartey-4R

Nicholas Cuenco-5Y

Liya Kenfu-5Y

Noel Ramesh-5B

Elissa Prayagsing-5B

Ayden John-5R

Britishia Filson-5R

Akosua Notwiri Ofosuapea-6Y

Thivanujen Kadamparajah-6Y

Michael Amankwah-Baidu-6B

Aderonke Malomo-6B

Munachiso Valerie-Achinivu-6R

Raphael Jordine-6R