Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Year 5 is such an important year as it will be the pupils’ final full academic year before their SATs. The pupils not only have to adapt to new topics and a more challenging curriculum, but also activities such as swimming. As the pupils are some of the oldest in the school more responsibility is placed on them (recycling monitors) in preparation for year 6 and onwards. This is the year that pupils also have the opportunity to visit France for 5 days where they can use the French they have been learning. This will be explained in greater detail during the parents’ evening and also in parent workshops.

Curriculum at a glance

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
It’s All Greek to Me Materials  Feel the Force  Good News Back in time Changes

Autumn 1 – It’s All Greek to Me Pupils will be looking at the life and times of the Ancient Greeks and the influence of them on us today. They will explore different myths including the Adventures of Odysseus in Literacy as well as having the opportunity to write their own myth. For homework pupils will research and complete a series of activities to build up a project that will be presented to the class in the final week of this half term. In science pupils look at living things in their natural habitats. They also study the parts of a plant and how their seeds are dispersed. We will be studying creation in RE and comparing this with Greek ideas of creation, scientific theories and that of other religions. As it is Harvest Festival we also look at the origins and importance of Harvest as well as comparing it to the Jewish festival of Sukkot. As pupils settle into their new classes Personal, Social, Health Education is very important so we will be focusing on new beginnings. Pupils will also start swimming every Thursday where they will learn about water safety and receive certificates for their achievements.

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Autumn 2 – Materials

In Literacy pupils will be reading the class book ‘Kensukie’s Kingdom”. We will be looking at the properties and uses of a variety of materials. We will also be looking at Japanese art music and culture.  Pupils will study ‘Christmas and the Nativity’ in RE and continue to learn about the importance of these events to Christians.

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Spring 1- Feel the Force Although this is one of the shortest half terms, students will conduct a number of investigations into air resistance by looking at a helicopters flight and the effect of parachutes. As well as having a jelly chopstick competition to look at friction, they will also look at boats and submarines, and the forces acting on them.  In computing pupils begin programming and learning using robotic systems to see how the programme on their computer can affect other machines.

Spring 2 – Good News  In Literacy we will read ‘Ice Trap’ and revise how to write clear instruction texts and how to write a play script.  It will also be the start of the cookery aspect of D&T, where we will be looking at how different ingredients change when heated, as pupils make bread and biscuits.

Summer 1 – Back in Time The children will go back in time with a journey to the Stone Age where they will learn fascinating facts from this prehistoric period. Their class book will be ‘Ug’, a Raymond Briggs story of a family living in the Stone Age period. Through this book will be used to teach adventure stories and non-chronological reports. They will continue to learn about the properties and changes of materials in Science, and will consider reversible and irreversible changes. In R.E the topic for Summer is ‘Journey, authority and faith’. This will look at some Bible characters journey through their life, people such as Saul and Peter. Pupils will also reflect on their life’s journey so far.

Summer 2 – Changes In Literacy our final class book of the year is ‘Journey to Jo’burg’ by Beverley Naidoo. This term we will look at the changes in both humans and animals. As part of the Science curriculum pupils will be taught about puberty and the changes this brings. In Geography we will look at different African settlements and how these have changed over time using the class book to look at how this may have changed through history.




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