Year 3 Curriculum Review

Autumn 1 curriculum review-Plants

Last half-term we had the chance to learn so much about plants. Plants are wonderful, without them we wouldn’t survive.

The children were so curious to explore the Green Ship which mysteriously appeared in the school.

plants 1  plants 4

Reading the text we learned about Mrs Tredegar and her adventures. We thought of interesting adjectives to describe her.

plants 3  plants 2

We did our own plant dissection, it was really interesting.

plants 5  plants 6

plants 7  plants 8

plants 9  plants 10

For our project work we grew our own plants, looked after them and watched their development closely. We were proud parents.

plant 12


On art day, we focused on using the art style developed by Claude Monet in the 1800s called impressionism.

We were really proud of our work. It was hard to concentrate for all that time.

 plants 13 plants 14


In Maths, we’ve worked really hard. We even learned about 2D and 3D shapes. We learned about sides, edges and faces. We even found them on our shapes that we made using cocktail sticks and marshmallows.

plants 15 plants 16 plants 17

Buddhapadipa was an amazing experience; we travelled all the way to South-West London. We took the bus, tube and train. We even had the chance to read whilst travelling. Our teachers were really impressed.

Here are some of the pictures that we took.

plants 21  plants 20

plants 19  plants 18

We also have been practising manipulating images on the computer.

plants 22 plants 23 plants 24

We’ve even started learning French.  We can’t wait to read some of our new French books!

plants final