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Enfield council press release regarding the current fox situation at Latymer All Saints Primary school.

There has been a significant problem with foxes on the school site, leaving excrement both around and within this school’s premises. Foxes have also approached the primary school-aged children whilst at play. This is neither safe, sanitary nor pleasant for our children or staff. The school has a significant number of children with special needs as well as very young nursery children who are at potential risk. The school has the support of parents and governors to minimise fox intrusion. Indeed many schools around London and across the borough with playing fields have to address this issue – it is not an unusual problem for schools to face and it is used usually addressed without any publicity at all.
Having identified the health and safety risks to both children and staff, the school employed a licensed professional for advice who they have used for many years and has considerable experience dealing with these issues. The school has not shot foxes and indeed the foxes currently remain on the school site. Some foxes were however removed in the summer.
We appreciate the concerns that have been expressed and the school will take into account all options for dealing with the foxes that have remained on the site. No traps are currently on the school premises. However, neither the school nor the Council will condone the verbal abuse of staff and visitors to the school and we would appreciate everyone’s cooperation while they deal with this difficult situation. 

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