Nursery Overview

The Early Years Curriculum is divided into 7 Areas of learning;

Communication and Language

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Physical Development



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts & Design

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Latymer All Saints Nursery is a vibrant, resourceful environment where children are encouraged to be independent learners and creative thinkers. The Nursery is set up to ensure that children have access to all areas of learning. Within each area of learning the children are encouraged to select their resources independently and enjoy making their own decisions.



Children are observed throughout the year and parents are encouraged to also observe their children in their home environment. Together we use our observations to plan activities to meet every child’s needs and interests. We use the Online Learning Journey ‘Tapestry’ to assess children throughout the year. At the beginning of the year parents will be sent an activation email from Tapestry which includes a password. Parents will then be able to access their child’s online learning journey throughout the year using their email and password on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer. We encourage all parents to upload pictures of their children to their Tapestry account.

A Day in Nursery

Children participate in daily carpet sessions and circle time to encourage their development and understanding of language, social communication and listening skills. Spontaneous activities are also built round the interests and needs of the children. Staff in the nursery all model language and use opportunities to teach through interacting with the children. Through effective questioning they encourage children to develop their own thinking and learning.

The Power of Reading

This year we have introduced ‘The Power of Reading’ programme in Early Years. Literacy is taught through high quality texts and creative teaching. The aim is to engage and motivate children in their learning and deepen their understanding of texts.

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Daily Activities Include:

  • Collective worship, we start and end each session with a prayer and reinforce our school values throughout the Nursery and curriculum.
  • The children listen to a range of stories. We encourage the children to take part with actions and the retelling of stories. Children are introduced to new vocabulary and characters.
  • RML/Phonics- Children will begin to learn their letter sounds.
  • Maths: During our daily carpet session we will practise our numbers and begin to understand the value of numbers. Maths activities will also be set up daily. These develop skills such as; counting objects, ordering numbers, sorting, writing numbers and shapes.
  • All children will participate in at least one focus activity with a teacher during the week.
  • We focus on getting children ready for Reception and work hard with the children to improve their fine motor skills in order to develop their pencil grip. We model and encourage writing skills needed for children to become successful writers.
  • We offer a spacious and safe outdoor play area with a wide range of equipment.


Activities/ Events To Look Forward To Over The Year:

  • We looking forward to celebrating diversity through Black History Week.
  • We will celebrate a range of festivals around the year, including Harvest, Diwali, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter.
  • We can’t wait for Sports Day, it’s hard work but worth it!


Helping Your Child Get Ready For Nursery

We would also like parents to encourage their child to start to be more independent at home. Children take great pride in doing things for themselves and you can encourage them by allowing them to:

  • eat by themselves
  • select their own clothes and dress themselves
  • go to the toilet on their own / be toilet trained
  • tidy up their toys
  • make their own choices

Sessions Available in Nursery

As a school Nursery we offer flexible sessions for parents.


Mornings                    8.30AM-11.30AM Daily

Afternoons                12.30PM-3.30PM Daily

Full time (30 hours) 9.00AM-3.00PM Daily


Most of our children start in the September after their 3rd birthday, if places are available then we will also offer places in January for those children that turn three in the Autumn term.


Application Process

Applications are made directly to the school. Application forms are available from either the School Office or can be downloaded via the link below.

Please contact the school to arrange a visit to the Nursery.


Induction to Nursery Sept 2020

For information about induction to Nursery in Sept 202 please click the link below:

Nursery induction 2020






Tapestry documents

Parent or carer agreement for the the use of Tapestry

Tapestry for parents





Useful documents

Nursery Application Form

Getting your Child ready for school booklet

Starting Nursery booklet

30 hours free childcare information