Our History

History of Latymer All Saints Primary School

The history of Latymer All Saints can be traced right back to 1626!

In 1626 Edward Latymer had left money to clothe and educate 8 poor boys in Edmonton. In 1739 a school house was purchased on Church St., and was known as the Free Grammar School of Edmonton. In 1811 a bigger building was established and in 1868 was divided into upper and lower departments, each with a Head Teacher.

In 1825 a School for Boys was established by the National Society and 3 years later the committee resolved to provide education for girls over 5.  This National School for girls was known as All Saints. At a time when school attendance was not obligatory, girls were encouraged to attend with rewards, money and later points which could be exchanged for clothing. In an area of poor farming families, this worked well to improve school attendance.

In 1863 an Infants school was established on Fore Street and later the Infants took the ground floor of the Junior Girls’ building.

The building of the railways and cheap travel attracted people from Bethnal Green and Hoxton and the schools then became overcrowded, requiring extension.

The council began a huge building programme of non-denominational schools to cope with the influx of people.

Between 1898-1901 the Church was given £2000 from the Latymer endowment to build a Church of England elementary school. £100 per year was given to the elementary school from the Latymer foundation, free scholarships provided to the secondary school and the schools shared a Governing body.

In 1909 the Lower Latymer School was removed from the control of the Governors and from then on was administered by the church, though retaining the Latymer name. In 1947 the school was reorganised and became a Junior school, under the Headship of Mr Nash.

The Infants moved to a new building in 1973, moving out of the old building it had shared with the Junior girls. The Lower Latymer Boys school then closed and the boys moved to All Saints Junior Girls School, forming the Latymer All Saints CE Junior Mixed School. The new Junior building opened in 1979.

The Infant and Junior Schools amalgamated in 1987.

The local population continued to grow and in 2001 the school expanded to 3 forms of entry.


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