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Reading is key to a child’s learning and we know how important it is to work in partnership with parents and carers to help children to develop their confidence in this area.  Latymer All Saints is a progressive school that takes into consideration the needs of its pupils.

Daily Supported Reading (DSR)

DSR is a scripted program that raises the quantity of successful independent reading accomplished by each child in Key stage 1. It also supports a coherent approach to the reading curriculum.

Children in Reception ( starting in Spring term) and year 1 have daily DSR sessions with a trained adult. This sort of engagement with the adults had resulted in children making accelerated progress by the end of year one. Apart from learning to read, children are exposed to a variety of genres such as stories, recounts, information texts and play scripts.

Most importantly, reading together at home is also one of the easiest ways in which you can support your child. As you share books together, you will help to develop your child’s reading skills and also show them how enjoyable and important reading is.

It is very important to read with your child at home from a young age and to help you to help your child we have put together some ideas:

Make books part of your family life – Always have books around so that you and your children are ready to read whenever there’s a chance.

Join your local library – Get your child a library card. You’ll find the latest videogames, blu-rays and DVDs, plus tons and tons of fantastic books. Allow them to pick their own books, encouraging their own interests.

Match their interests – Help them find the right book – it doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, poetry, comic books or non-fiction. Try our top recommendations.

All reading is good – Don’t discount non-fiction, comics, graphic novels, magazines and leaflets. Reading is reading and it is all good.

Get comfortable! – Snuggle up somewhere warm and cosy with your child, either in bed, on a beanbag or on the sofa, or make sure they have somewhere comfy when reading alone.

Ask questions – To keep them interested in the story, ask your child questions as you read such as, ‘What do you think will happen next?’ or ‘Where did we get to last night? Can you remember what had happened already?’


Every student at Latymer All Saints is expected to read at home for at LEAST 20 minutes a day. They are expected to carry out a task each night which should relate to the book they are reading. All the children have been given a bookmark that clearly states which activity they have to do each night. They have been practising how to complete this task in school but if you have any questions please see you child’s class teacher.


Pleae click on the links below to view more information about the English curriculum. Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar terms used in the English curriculum can be a little confusing at times so we have included a literacy terms glossary to remind you what they mean.