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What we believe

At Latymer All Saints, we believe that Maths is essential to everyday life, embedded in science, technology and engineering, and is useful to all forms of employment as well as one’s own financial literacy. We strive therefore, to provide a high-quality mathematics education which would, no doubt, become a foundation for understanding and relating to the world.

What we do

Throughout their time here at LAS, our students will enhance their maths and problem solving skills through the mastery approach. This focuses on depth rather than acceleration, ensuring that key concepts are fully grasped before moving on. As such, we have adopted both the Master the Curriculum (EYFS) and the White Rose Maths (KS1 and KS2) programmes of study to ensure that all students are masters at maths.

Curriculum overviews by year group:


What we achieve

When our pupils leave Latymer All Saints, they, no matter their starting points, should:

· develop a deep knowledge and understanding of key mathematical principles and concepts

· explain, justify and apply their thinking, with a sound understanding of mathematical vocabulary, so that they become mathematically literate

· make connections across mathematical ideas, in order to develop fluency and reasoning skills within the subject

· have an enjoyment and curiosity of the subject and build confidence in their understanding and application of mathematical skills so that they are in a strong position to access the secondary school curriculum

· understand the real world application of maths, its link to other subjects, and gain the mathematical skills required to navigate our world.

See Progression of Skills documents for how Maths skills develop year on year


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