School Day Information

School day information

On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday children and parents have the opportunity to do their daily mile in the playground from 8.30am and on Fridays we have fun fitness at the same time. Why not come along and join us?

School times

Nursery morning session starts at 8:30am and finishes at 11:30am. The afternoon session starts at 12.30pm and finishes at 3:30pm.

School starts at 8:50 am and finishes at 3:15 pm

(The classroom doors are opened at 8.45am for children in Years 1 to 6 so they can be  in classes for a prompt start to their lessons at 8.50 am)

Arrival and collection

Please ensure that your child arrives at school on time. Pupils should be waiting in the appropriate playground before the start of the school day. Parents are asked to be punctual when collecting children after school.

In the event of any difficulties or if someone out of the ordinary is going to collect your child, please telephone the school office to let us know.

Absence from school

If your child is unwell and cannot attend school, please telephone the school office before 10 am to explain the reason. The school has a duty to record all absences and notify the LEA.

As a school, we consider all holiday absence in term time detrimental to the progress and development of our children. We therefore operate a zero-tolerance policy for holidays and we will only grant authorised absence in exceptional circumstances. If you wish to request for an absence for exceptional circumstances to be authorised by school,  you must complete the form which is available from the school office, and return it to school 2 weeks before the date(s) required wherever possible.

The Education Welfare Officer (EWO) regularly visits the school to discuss each child’s attendance, punctuality and any problems which pupils may have with staff. Please contact the school office if you wish to talk with the EWO.

Severe weather information

In the event of severe weather please ensure that you keep an eye on our school website for updates of closure or changes to the normal school day.