Year 1 Curriculum Review

In Autumn 1 Year 1 children studied the topic of “Humans”

The children in Year 1 had a successful and smooth transition from Reception. They have enjoyed our cross curricular topic learning many new skills.

In Literacy children enjoyed a variety of stories linked to our Human topic. The mild autumn weather meant we could share and role play stories outdoors. Children are using really useful strategies to help with reading and writing such as ‘Colourful Semantics’. Children love sharing ideas, building sentences and working together.

 yr 1 autumn 1 1

In Science children learnt about body parts, important organs through dance and songs.  They also learnt about senses by doing smelling and tasting activities!

yr 1 autumn 1 2

In Maths children have been using a variety of methods to practise new concepts. Keep practising number bonds to 20 or beyond and play adding and subtracting games at home!

yr 1 autumn 1 3

The children were actively exploring Seasonal Changes and collected leaves from the school grounds for collage.

yr 1 autumn 1 4

The highlight of the half term for Year 1 was Art Day. Children across the year group used a range of media to create images to go with our Humans topic for a vibrant and colourful display for Art and International Night!

yr 1 autumn 1 5