Year 4 Curriculum Review

  This term in Year 4 our Topic was: The Rainforest.

It was a really exciting and informative topic and we really enjoyed teaching and learning about it.

 We started off by going to the London Zoo to visit the Rainforest. What an exciting day this was, the sun was out and we had the opportunity to visit some of the other exhibitions around the zoo as well.

Zoo1 Zoo2 Zoo3

Back at school we started reading the book Rainforest Rescue written by J. Burcett. It’s an adventure story set in the Rainforest of Borneo. We followed brother and sister, Ben and Zoe, as they try to solve the mystery of a missing Orangutan call Kawan. As part of our art lessons we created a missing poster of Kawan.

Art1 Kawan2

We learned about where the rainforests are situated, all the different layers of the rainforest and what kind of animals we can find there.

What we found most interesting is the fact that the Rainforests around the world are so diverse. We focused on the Orangutans and wrote some very interesting reports about it.

Look at this introduction Krishnajan in 4Blue wrote in his report about Orangutans.


Fantastic facts about orangutans.IntroductionDid you know that orangutans are one of the world most smartest animals? They have 32 teeth which is the same amount of teeth than humans have.

 Take a look at some more of our fantastic work.

Example1  Example2

As we all know the rainforests are in danger, and we spent some time looking at the dangers facing the rainforest and what can be done to stop it.

In one of our lessons we played the part of reporters for the BBC and reported back on what we have been seeing. We then went on to write a newspaper article using the facts we researched. Writing a newspaper article is not always easy and we spent some time writing it, making sure it was correct.



We also discussed the impact of humans on the environment and looked at human impact in three areas: Our local area, the rainforest and the polar regions.

As part of our Science work we looked at living things and their environments. We learned that we could group, identify and classify living things into different groups..

One of our fun Science lessons was when we had to create classification keys for Liquorice All Sorts.


This term we also celebrated a wonderful Around the World Art day. We looked at various artist from South America and focused on the work of Ruth Daniels. We used her colourful paintings as inspiration for our own art works.



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