Year 6 Curriculum Review

London 1

This term in Year 6 our Topic was: London.

It was a really interesting and informative topic that the children immensely enjoyed learning about and we enjoyed teaching. We started off by creating ‘Operation Selfie’. The children learned about heists and large scale robberies. This was to link in with the book that we were reading— Gangsta Granny by David Walliams.

london 2

Wearing disguises and using prepared excuses, the children surveyed the head teachers office. They       recorded her every movement and planned an opportune time to go in, undetected, and have their photo taken.

Following on from ‘Operation Selfie’ we all took a trip to the Tower of London to see the real Crown Jewels.

Where are they kept?

How heavily are they guarded?

How valuable are they?

What would happen to anyone who tried to take them?

london 3

london 4Fantastic facts about the Tower of London.

If the ravens leave the Tower of London, it will fall.

There are 23,500 Jewels there today.

22 executions took place within the Tower.

In the 1200s a royal zoo was founded there and remained for 600 years.

Did you know, the elephants at the zoo were fed meat and beer?

Back at school we started reading the book Rainforest Rescue written by J. Burcett. It’s an adventure story set in the Rainforest of Borneo. We followed brother and sister, Ben and Zoe, as they try to solve the mystery of a missing Orangutan call Kawan. As part of our art lessons we created a missing poster of Kawan.


Have a look at some of our excellent work

As part of our topic on London, we created promotional leaflets about many of the different tourist   attractions available to sightseers.



london 5

Children were encouraged to consider the many features of a leaflet— Details, Pictures, Special Offers,   Superlatives and interesting and fascinating facts.

london 6

Each week we read chapters from our class book.

The children explored the different characters and the relationship between Ben and his seemingly normal, but boring Granny.

The children wrote letters from Ben to an ‘Agony Aunt’ pleading for help as he is forced to spend most of his weekends staying at her house, eating cabbage, smelling cabbage and playing scrabble.

This all changes when he makes an incredible discovery.

Granny is an International Jewel Thief, with her eye on the prize… The Crown Jewels.



Art from around the world—Japanese Manga art in London.

Can you recognise any of the famous London landmarks?

london 7

In Manga art, the children learnt how to draw characters, big eyes, small noses and mouths, spiky fair hair and flat tones for colouring.


This term we had a visit from Father Stuart from All Saints Church Edmonton.

He spoke to the children about ordination and anointing of the sick. These are two of the seven sacraments from the Christian tradition.

We have been looking at the sacraments over this half term.

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Some of the children’s thoughts

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